Eau De Parfum HINOKI (Japanese cypress)
Eau De Parfum HINOKI (Japanese cypress)
Eau De Parfum HINOKI (Japanese cypress)



Eau De Parfum HINOKI (Japanese cypress)

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Our special eau de parfums for sophisticated grown-ups with never-ending curiosity.

Each eau de parfums is blended with inspiration of Japanese majestic trees: Hinoki(Japanese cypress), Hiba(White-ceder), and Kusunoki(Camphor tree). The base is the rich concentrated oils with notes of each Japanese traditional trees. You will be surrounded by these amazing scents with a hint of luxury aromatic oils in perfect harmonies.

KITOWA EAU DE PARFUM HINOKI for sophisticated business persons. To express your passion, strong will, and unwavering confidence. Woody scents for important business occasions.

Blended with hinoki oil produced in Mie, Japan.
(Hinoki: Japanese cypress)
Hinoki, a tree that has been revered as a sacred tree in Japan from long ago. To a mystical and invigorating, woody aroma, the breezy exhilaration of cypress. The iris, which conjures up the image of a white bark elegantly wafts, giving depth with the aroma of sandalwood. Our Eau de Parfums use alcohol derived from sugar cane plants, It has mellow and mild aroma. And it is safe and gentle to skin.



Package size:height 172mm x width 52mm x depth 52mm weight 355g
Bottle size:height 157mm x width 37mm x depth 37mm weight 290g (100ml)