• About KITOWA Porcelain Diffusers


    KITOWA Porcelain Diffusers are a great addition to any fragrance collection, and also makes for a wonderful gift. Nicely packaged, each box comes with a Diffuser Refill and a Porcelain Diffuser made from 'Aritaware'. Established more than 400 years ago in the early Edo period, Arita porcelain is the origin of Japanese ceramics. Sturdy and beautiful, this black base is a bold statement piece.



    To use the diffuser, simply pour the fragrance into the container, place the top cover, and insert the porcelain stick. The diffuser spreads the scent thanks to these ceramic sticks made from a new material. This revolutionary material is created from a new manufacturing technique that does not exist elsewhere.


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  • What is “Wa-Koboku”?

    The precious fragrant woods, Aloeswood and Sandalwood, are not produced in Japan but served as inspirations for the Japanese to search for their own fragrant trees. “Wa-Koboku” refers to the selected fragrant trees that allow for consumers to enjoy the distinct scent of Japanese trees.

    Hinoki – Japanese Cypress
    It starts with a refreshing scent that brings out a condensed essence unique to Hinoki followed by a scent that illustrates the warmth of nature. SHOP

    Kusunoki – Camphor Tree
    A healthy and refreshing scent loved by the Japanese people for many years, Kusunoki has a humble and neat scent profile. SHOP

    Hiba – Japanese Arborvitae Cypress
    It has a fruity and citrus tone with a hint of freshness reminiscent of the ocean. The scent illustrates a calm and cozy feeling with brightness enclosed by tranquility. SHOP

  • Behind the Scent

    KITOWA originates from the concept of combining trees "KI" with eternity "TOWA". When brainstorming the concept behind the KITOWA scent, the focus was placed on creating a smell that symbolizes the connection between Japanese trees and the people. The project team conceptualized KITOWA by combining the healing fragrance of the trees, product packaging by a world-leading female Japanese designer, and the Arita-yaki ceramics with a long history of 400 years. This interview brought together the three key project members who brought KITOWA to life.

    Actualizing the Vision
    Mr. Hiroyuki Hoshina, Mr. Daigo Amano, and Ms. Fumi Sawaya joined forces to bring to life a brand that can birth a world-recognized, high-quality scent made in Japan.

    "We wanted to actualize a luxurious scent that has never existed previously. We believed it would capture the sensible and trendy people's hearts worldwide". Mr. Hoshina believed that it is a feat that's only accomplishable for Nippon Kodo rooted in its many years of expertise. However, the project team came to contemplate what exactly a "luxurious" scent is.

    "As a Japanese brand, we wanted to incorporate the traditional Japanese trees. However, if we simply use that as an ingredient, it will just smell like natural trees. We wanted to combine it with other scents to create a unique, one-of-a-kind scent. We bought perfumes sold worldwide and tested many iterations with the cooperation of an established perfumer".

    Hinoki, Hiba, Kusunoki. The search for a sophisticated scent with depth. Ms. Sawaya states, "We chose Hinoki, Hiba, and Kusunoki as the three main bases and built a concoction that has a depth to its scent. The perfumer we collaborated with was a key player in bringing out the scent we were striving for."

    For example, the scent of Kusunoki is extracted from an essential oil of a valuable tree in Yakushima. However, this scent is further elevated with the combination of citrus-based scents.

    She states, "We contemplated for a long time and looked for the best formulation." Their efforts have come to fruition with an end product with a refreshing and elegant scent that makes you want to breathe deeply with a clean state of mind.

    They brought in Suwa Miya, a well-known Japanese designer who worked for BODUM and is currently at IKEA to bring the KITOWA product design and logo to life.

    Mr. Amano notes, "We wanted a global and unisex design with wood and Japanese soul as a motif. The image was that it would fit right in at any global luxury hotel room."

    The incense plate and diffuser were made by the ceramic brand "224 Porcelain" in Saga. The products were made in the traditional Arita-yaki style. Globally, the Latin-style incense stick is mainstream, but the ceramic re-formulated from the soil can draw the perfume formulation and aerosolize it in a way never achieved prior. It was also challenging to create a straight-line ceramic, inspired by the calligraphic inkstone, but the creators were able to produce end products that not only achieved this feat but products made with warmth. The incense plate, which can hold the incense in a slanted and straight manner, is ought to bring beautiful scents to the end-users.

    A Scent that Diffuses into Lifestyle
    Even in Japan, the idea of room fragrance has been growing. Mr. Hoshina states, "There are sprays as well as incense. Scents for cars, clothes, furniture, and fabric. There are so many ways of use as well as different seasonal uses. Scent is already a crucial piece of interior design. KITOWA aims to bring a scent that brings peace, calm, and luxury, among other things. We brought alive KITOWA hoping that our products will become a valuable asset to those who live a quality life."

    Rooted in the many hopes diffused into this scent, KITOWA was born.
    (Interviewed: 01/12/2018)

    Designer: Suwa Miya

    Interviewed & edited by Aya Mori