Scented Candle HINOKI (Japanese cypress)
Scented Candle HINOKI (Japanese cypress)
Scented Candle HINOKI (Japanese cypress)
Scented Candle HINOKI (Japanese cypress)
Scented Candle HINOKI (Japanese cypress)



Scented Candle HINOKI (Japanese cypress)

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Scented Candle made of “Arita porcelain”, which was established more than 400 years ago in the early Edo period and is the origin of Japanese ceramics.

The fine world of KITOWA, woven by porcelain that fuses techniques developed over a long history with new sense, and sophisticated fragrance.
224porcelain, develops porcelain diffuser, is located in Hizen Yoshida in Saga, Japan. While using Arita porcelain technology as a base, they are developing a ceramic according to a new manufacturing technique that does not exist elsewhere.

Blended with hinoki oil produced in Mie, Japan.
By blending the scent of geranium and iris to the sophisticated fragrance of hinoki, ornateness is expressed. Adding sandalwood to the base as an accent draws out the depth of the fragrance. ( Hinoki : Japanese cypress)
Natural Hinoki (cypress) oils contain “hinokitiol”, which shows antibacterial effect.
We use alcohol derived from sugar cane plants. It has mellow and mild aroma.
(The concentration of alcohol is 80% higher.)

How to use

After ventilating the room, spray the mist in the air 4 to 5 times (per room) to your liking. The aroma will spread refreshingly. For fabrics and linens such as pillows, sheets, curtains, etc. spray 2 to 3 times from a distance of 30 cm or more. The aroma will spread gently.


Package size:height 95mm x width 105mm x depth 105mm weight 650g
Bottle size:height 87mm x width 87mm x depth 87mm weight 570g
Burn time: approx. 58 hours