• KITOWA - Eau De Parfum

    Elegant, smart, and classy. These are the fragrances of our special Eau de Parfums. Each eau de parfum is blended from the inspiration of 3 majestic Japanese trees: Hinoki (Japanese cypress), Hiba (White-cedar), and Kusunoki (Camphor tree).

    HINOKI imagines a sophisticated business person, expressing passion, strong will, and unwavering confidence. HIBA imagines an elegant adult expressing delicacy and classiness, with a fragrance perfect for nights out at fancy restaurants. KUSUNOKI imagines a free-spirited individual who loves freedom. Open-minded, charismatic, and relishing in the moment.

    Each fragrance is luxury aromatic oils in perfect harmony. Whether you can see yourself in one of the fragrances above, or know someone who does, it's the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone. Visit us at to find out more.