• What is “Wa-Koboku”?

    The precious fragrant woods, Aloeswood and Sandalwood, are not produced in Japan but served as inspirations for the Japanese to search for their own fragrant trees. “Wa-Koboku” refers to the selected fragrant trees that allow for consumers to enjoy the distinct scent of Japanese trees.

    Hinoki – Japanese Cypress
    It starts with a refreshing scent that brings out a condensed essence unique to Hinoki followed by a scent that illustrates the warmth of nature. SHOP

    Kusunoki – Camphor Tree
    A healthy and refreshing scent loved by the Japanese people for many years, Kusunoki has a humble and neat scent profile. SHOP

    Hiba – Japanese Arborvitae Cypress
    It has a fruity and citrus tone with a hint of freshness reminiscent of the ocean. The scent illustrates a calm and cozy feeling with brightness enclosed by tranquility. SHOP